Prearrange a Memorial

Prearranging a memorial for yourself or for your whole family ensures that you have a place where you can always be together, forever.

It's financially wise as you pay today's price and avoid inflation. Your requirements will be carried out at an agreed cost and your loved ones won't have the stress of making decisions on your behalf at a difficult time.

Burial Memorial Options

A burial memorial creates a permanent record of the burial site, which becomes a place where memories can be revisited, emotions explored, as well as a place where future generations can come to visit. The burial memorial options available at Lake Macquarie Memorial Park include the Headstone, Heritage and Lawn Site memorials.

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Cremation Memorial Options

Lake Macquarie Memorial Park is a beautiful, secure and peaceful environment where cremated remains can be placed forever. Family members and descendants can come here and reflect to celebrate the life of their relative or friend. At Lake Macquarie the cremation memorial options include chair estates, gazebo memorials, niche memorials and rose garden memorials.

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HeavenAddress Online Memorials

HeavenAddress is Australia's leading online memorial and tribute site. You can create an online memorial page where family & friends can post tributes, photos, videos and music to share with others who are also missing your loved one. It's a safe, secure and comforting online environment.

Cremation FAQ

In this section Family Service Advisers have answered some of the most commonly asked questions around cremation, the cremation process, and what people do with the ashes after the cremation.

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Community & Events

The Lake Macquarie Memorial Park team firmly believes that the most important way they can be part of their local communities is to be informative, open and always available. Events throughout the year include Lullaby, Mother's Day, Father's Day, ANZAC day and Remembrance Memorial services.

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Lake Macquarie Memorial Park

A place of everlasting remembrance


What we have available at Lake Macquarie Memorial Park

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NSW Seniors Festival Expo

Visit our stand at the NSW Seniors Festival, 30 & 31 March 2022 and enter the draw to receive $10,000 towards a memorial site.

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