Garden of Peace


Lake Macquarie Memorial Park is proud to make our Garden of Peace available for all members of the community to come, to reflect upon their loved ones and be comforted by the pleasing sights and sounds of nature.

As sure as we draw breath, there will come a time when grief will intrude upon our lives. At such times, it can be very important for people to know that there is a place they can go to explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions about their loved one or loved ones.

Our Gardens of Peace is open for all. It is a place of rest and solace for those experiencing grief, whether that grief is old or new, and whether that loved one passed away with the lightest or the heaviest of hearts. The Gardens of Peace will endure as a gesture of goodwill from all of at Lake Macquarie Memorial Park to the people of the NSW Central Coast and Hunter region.

We invite all those in need of a quiet, restful and peaceful place to come and explore their grief in our Garden of Peace.

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